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Artiste Auteur Photographe Journaliste Illustrateur et créateur d'œuvres audiovisuelles.

Freelance photographer

Phiros, a freelance photographer, was born in 1958 in North Catalonia and was raised in the mysterious Cathar countryside.

He lives in southern France and Greece.

His dedication to capturing portraits that reflect personality as well as culture and society has led to extensive travel, searching for the perfect light, the perfect moment and the soul of life itself.

His early fascination and occupation with the beauty and force of nature on both land and sea has followed him through his entire professional and creative life, and it has served to fine-tune his true instinct for light and composition, the first essentials of a good picture.

Over the last years Phiros has spent much of his time photographing the southern parts of France and Greece, where the light is constantly present and nuanced.

The changes inherent and imposed on the natural environment are present in his extraordinarily varied landscapes, while the reflection of human values can be seen in his portraits of communities and individual lives in the diverse societies of his multicultural world.

Phiros has exhibited extensively in galleries and other venues supporting photography and fine arts.
A sample of some of his large collection is presented here, and all of them are for sale.

Analog photographs are not intended to be displayed on a monitor. Therefore the images presented on this site are exclusively digital.

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